Sam Sarkisian
This place is amazing! I love the food, service and ambiance. The food is 1st class. The service is exceptional. The ambiance is superb. Good as Michelin star! So amazing, what a mix of flavors and texture. Finely a great restaurant. Thank god! Deanna our server was amazing, the owner Gaspar was so pleasant to meet. I'm so glad a sushi and steak restaurant I can come to in Hollywood!
Donna B.
I vacillated between restaurants in this area for dining after a 5:00 show around the corner. I made and cancelled my reservation here a half a dozen times before finally committing to eating here after our show. We are so glad we did! On Open Table, we have made general special requests for booths. This was one of the first times ever that the host mentioned this preference and advised that their only booths were in a little front corner in the bar area. I highly recommend this seating option, even though their upstairs is known for its view. We felt like we had a very intimate experience, even with bustling Hollywood Boulevard just outside. For starters, we shared the beet salad. It was delicious! The burrata paired with the heirloom beets had just the right amount of dressing to accent all the flavors. For dinner, my husband had the Airline Chicken which arrived on top of carrot puree along with heirloom carrots cooked to perfection. I didn't feel like a whole entree, so I ordered the Mac & Cheese side, but added the side lobster tail to make it a lobster mac & cheese. It was amazingly delicious!! I had the chef cut up the lobster meat and add it to the pasta, and it was perfection! I ended up taking half of it home and look forward to lunch tomorrow! Our server, Kimmie, was a pure delight. She treated us like family and made us feel very comfortable and welcomed. We would go back here anytime we are in Hollywood!
Kashi TheSky
A Remarkable Dining Experience at RDen Restaurant
Aakash P.
A Remarkable Dining Experience at RDen Restaurant Overall Rating: 10/10 Introduction: RDen Restaurant on Hollywood Blvd is a breath of fresh air in the bustling Hollywood dining scene. With Wally as the General Manager, the same familiar face from previous ventures, my dining experience at RDen was exceptional and consistent over multiple visits. Drinks: 10/10 The specialty cocktails at RDen are masterfully crafted to cater to a wide range of tastes. "Beautiful GaRDEN" and "Florecita" were personal favorites, striking a perfect balance of flavors. For those who enjoy stronger libations, "RDen Old Fashioned," "Flor Manhattan," and "Passion Picante" deliver a bold spirit-forward experience. The garnish on all drinks is elegantly minimal, allowing the beverages to shine. The presentation of the Old Fashioned is particularly noteworthy, providing a genuine "wow" moment. Food: 10/10 - Perfect for Sharing The concept behind RDen revolves around shared dining experiences, and every dish lives up to this idea. Not only are the dishes delicious, but they are also Instagram-worthy. Spicy Hummus & Lavash Chips (10/10): This dish impresses with both its presentation and flavor. The crispy Lavash chips complement the creamy hummus perfectly. Be prepared for a spicy kick. Chicharron (9/10): A near-perfect balance of crispiness and tenderness. The pork easily separates from the skin, and the addition of pinto beans enhances the overall texture. Short Rib (10/10): Arguably one of the best short ribs I've ever had. The meat is incredibly tender and bursting with flavor. The accompanying mashed potatoes are smooth and rich, while the broccolini complements the dish beautifully. Salmon (10/10): Cooked to perfection and customizable to your preferred temperature. The portion size is generous, and the caper sauce adds a creamy and delicious touch. Sides: The Real Standouts The sides at RDen are more than just accompaniments; they steal the spotlight: Mac & Cheese (10/10): The shell-shaped pasta holds the cheese sauce beautifully, and the breadcrumb topping provides a delightful crunch. A slightly saucier mac would be ideal. Brussels Sprouts (10/10): These brussels sprouts are a revelation. Expertly charred for added flavor, the hazelnuts provide a satisfying crunch, and the sauce ties it all together perfectly. Sushi: 11/10 The sushi at RDen is the hidden gem of the menu, exceeding expectations: Specialty Rolls (11/10): "The Vine," "Shrimp Paradise," "Raimu Salmon," "Rainbow Roll," and "Sunset Roll" are all simply delicious. The combinations of flavors are impeccable, and the freshness of the ingredients is evident. Soy sauce is unnecessary, as these rolls are complete on their own. The sushi chef's pride in his creations shines through. Trying at least one roll is highly recommended. Almond Rocca (10/10): This dessert is a masterpiece that delights the senses. Rich and indulgent, the Almond Rocca captivates with its harmonious blend of textures and flavors. The marriage of almonds, chocolate, and toffee creates a symphony of sweetness that lingers on the palate, leaving a lasting impression. Banana Pyramid (10/10): The Banana Pyramid is a triumph of dessert craftsmanship. Its elegant presentation mirrors its exquisite taste. Service: 10/10 The service at RDen is exceptional. The staff is attentive without being intrusive and displays a deep understanding of their roles. Servers like Sidney, Dana, Kimmy, and the unnamed male server provided top-notch service, demonstrating both knowledge and professionalism. Overall Impression: A Must-Visit in Hollywood RDen Restaurant is a must-visit establishment in Hollywood, perfect for date nights and celebrations. The ambiance, with its retro music, sets the mood for a memorable evening. Combining dinner at RDen with a show at the Pantages Theatre, and the convenience of W Valet parking, guarantees an unforgettable night out. My experiences at RDen were consistently outstanding, making it a top recommendation for anyone seeking an exceptional dining experience in Hollywood.
MamaOso Aranda
Great food, beer and service.
Law Offices of Derek S. Yee
Wally and his staff are the best. Perfect place for dinner and drinks before the show.
Grady Montgomery
Amazing food, and excellent service!